Home and Business Blessings

Home and Business Blessings

Home and Business Clearings and Blessings

Have you ever walked into a room after someone just had an argument and the air or the energy felt weird?  Or have you noticed you don’t have much energy at home or you are in a grouchy mood, feel hostile or negative?  These can all be signs that your space needs to be cleared of old, stagnant, negative energy.  

Clearing moves this energy out and brings in fresh energy in the space.  It is like a spring cleaning for the energy of your living or working space.  As we clear out the negative energy, we make room for clean, positive energy to move in.  Clearings can be done in any space that people live or work, as long as the owners or occupants have given permission.

The reason to clear your home is because your home should be your safe haven — the place where you feel relaxed, happy, and at peace. Your work space should be where you feel alive, alert, awake, vibrant and productive.  But when bad energy is lingering around, these spaces can quickly become the complete opposite — places of hostility and negativity. And when you have this negative energy around you, it can affect every other aspect of your life. That’s why house and workspace cleansing can be an important part in your personal well-being. Times you may need a clearing include but are not limited to:

  • A spring cleaning
  • Moving out and selling your home – clear your energy to allow the new family to feel welcomed.
  • Moved into a new space – cleanse any negative energies from the previous owners. 
  • Gone through a break-up or a big life transition
  • You are just in a funk

Fees begin at $350.00