Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage Ceremonies

By definition a Rite of Passage is a ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life like, birth, puberty, marriage, parenthood, and retirement. Others may include becoming a certain age, graduating, purchasing your first home, becoming grandparents. These and many more may be considered Rites of Passage. A rite of passage occurs when an individual leaves one group and enters another. It involves a significant change in status in society.

Many people like to mark these transitions and make them sacred with ritual and ceremony. The ritual activities and teachings are designed to strip individuals of their original roles and prepare them for new roles. Throughout humanity, rites of passage have functioned as an essential tool of individual renewal and cultural cohesion. In contrast, modern western society provides little to no structure for transitioning from one life phase to the next.  Without access to healthy rituals, young people are lost and confused about how to move consciously and confidently into the responsibilities of adulthood.

Together we can create beautiful rituals and ceremony to prepare you for what is next. All ceremonies are co-created with parties involved.

Fees begin at $350.00